What’s a Soirée?

What’s a Soirée?

- Gemma Turvey, NPCO Artistic Director


To me, soirées are a musical equivalent to a backyard BBQ with friends, or conversations around a campfire.


I grew up going to folk music soirées every other weekend, and have the fondest memories of long afternoons of music, singing and laughter. I was always encouraged to join in, from the earliest age, and to play whatever I was learning at the time.


Music in these settings is easily distilled to its essence – sharing. Sharing the music, sharing the story, sharing the process and coming together.


Our soirées for Friends of NPCO embody this spirit of sharing, coming together and having fun!  It is an opportunity for us within the NPCO to share the music we’ve been working on for a particular concert, to try out a new composition, or share some of the pieces that we love but which for any number of reasons didn’t make the program for our public performances.


Our soirées often spill into wonderful, informal conversations too about the pieces, or the instruments and the players themselves, aided by a glass or two of complimentary wine for all guests thanks to our wine partners St Anne’s Winery!


And most of all, it is our way of saying Thank You to our Friends of NPCO – who with their annual membership are helping to keep the music playing!


Become a Friend of the NPCO from $150 and receive your invitation to NPCO’s 2018 Summer Soirée

Friends of the NPCO support the orchestra through various levels of annual membership, starting from $150. Each membership is a significant contribution, which helps ensure the orchestra’s longevity and greatly supports our home-grown instrumental music and artists. Continue reading>


Summer Soirée for Friends of the NPCO

Sunday 4th February 2018, 2pm

RSVP Essential. Email office@npco.com.au or phone 03 9939 1486. Venue and access details will be provided on receipt of your RSVP.

New Friends very welcome! Simply RSVP to pledge your membership and join on the day.

Or join online at npco.com.au/friends-of-the-npco before Sunday 4th February to receive your invitation.


To read about Friends of the NPCO membership details and levels see here: npco.com.au/friends-of-the-npco



Image: Gemma Turvey. Photographer @Zeljko Matijevic Photography