Maestro & Me, Weeks 4 & 5

Maestro & Me Weeks 4 & 5: School Spirit

from Artistic Director, Gemma Turvey


These last two weeks the Maestro&Me students have been steadily working on completing their compositions. The focus and commitment displayed by every student in these past two weeks has been incredibly impressive, and is a great reflection of Buninyong Primary School’s ethos and school spirit.


It is exactly this part of the process where composition can become dispiriting; ideas stop flowing, we’re unsure ‘what to do next’, or we simply don’t like how it sounds anymore!


At this point in the program, I work with the students individually to identify which parts of the piece they do like (there is always something!). From there we play around with an ending for the piece, or in some cases, adding an introduction. The excitement and eagerness takes over, and the process flows again.


We are all on track to begin our practice performances and peer-to-peer feedback on each composition this coming week. It is such a positive, supportive environment. Already everyone is excited to share their songs with each other, and they simply can’t wait to perform with the orchestra in a few week’s time for Music on the Mount!


Maestro & Me is an initiative of Buninyong Primary School and the NPCO.

Through Term 2 selected students at Buninyong Primary School Years 3-6 will work with NPCO Artistic Director, pianist/composer Gemma Turvey learning how to improvise and create their own, original compositions! The program culminates in their Music on the Mount concert in June, showcasing many of their compositions premiered by the New Palm Court Orchestra for the broader school community!