Maestro & Me Week 4

Maestro & Me Blog Week 4

From Gemma Turvey, Artistic Director 


Have you ever stopped to think about what makes a melody?  Often we take these beautiful musical gifts for granted. This week’s Maestro & Me session was all about planning our melodies, something an experienced composer or improviser does almost unconsciously.


Each student was asked to choose a topic for their melody – it could be anything; a friend or family member, a favourite pet, a place they visited on holiday, or a feeling associated with an event.


Their challenge is to describe this topic using only music, no words or lyrics. Composers have a multitude of tools at their disposal to “paint” with, which we have spent the previous sessions understanding and appreciating; pitch, note lengths, tempo, instrumentation and accompaniment to name just a few.


Keeping their topic in the front of their minds, I asked the students a series of questions such as What tempo or speed matches your topic best? Is your topic loud or soft? Does it get gradually louder or gradually softer? Is there a particular instrument that would suit your topic?


After a number of questions of this nature, they had identified and accumulated what specific musical elements or ‘tools’ they needed to portray their topic through music. They were very excited at discovering this potential! The next two sessions will be particularly fun, as they will be playing with these elements to create a meaningful melody!


About Maestro & Me

Maestro & Me is an initiative of Buninyong Primary School and the NPCO, funded by Creative Victoria’s Artist in Schools Program.

Through Terms 2 and 3 students at Buninyong Primary School Years 3-6 will work with NPCO Artistic Director, pianist/composer Gemma Turvey learning how to improvise and create their own, original compositions! The program will culminate in their Music on the Mount concert in September, showcasing many of their compositions performed by the New Palm Court Orchestra for the broader school community!