Maestro & Me Week 3

Maestro & Me Week 3: Melodies

from Artistic Director Gemma Turvey


This week is the most exciting moment in the program, as the students start composing their own pieces.


Their pieces are based on a specific topic chosen by the student. This helps provide some musical parameters for their piece such as mood, tempo (speed), note lengths, dynamics and instrumentation.


It really is a privilege to observe anyone composing, and to watch some of these children composing for the very first time is an added honour. What never ceases to amaze me is the freedom with which they all approach their compositions; something we can all learn from as adults! After 20 minutes with their instrument most have already composed at least the opening section, and many have the entire concept and shape of their piece clear in the mind. I think I would struggle to match that kind of output these days!


We have pieces about the ocean, pet dogs, nature and ‘being me’ just to name a few. I can’t wait to share them with you all at Music on the Mount next month on Saturday 2nd June.  Save the date! It is already shaping up to be another inspiring, very special evening.


Maestro & Me is an initiative of Buninyong Primary School and the NPCO.

Through Term 2 selected students at Buninyong Primary School Years 3-6 will work with NPCO Artistic Director, pianist/composer Gemma Turvey learning how to improvise and create their own, original compositions! The program culminates in their Music on the Mount concert in June, showcasing many of their compositions premiered by the New Palm Court Orchestra for the broader school community!